Our small format recording studio is 3.75m x 2.75m and will comfortably accommodate 1-2 People, but can fit up to 4. The recording studio is completely isolated and has no a-joining walls with any other rooms, ensuring the best sound isolation possible. We want our space to feel familiar and comfortable, with this in mind we have 2 armless comfy chairs perfect for a long day tracking acoustic guitars, air conditioning and several options for lighting to get the vibe just right. 

The utmost care has been taken to get the room sounding and feeling the best it can, all power is conditioned with Furman power conditioners and the space has been acoustically treated to ensure the best response possible whilst keeping the room feeling lively and creative.
For producers using the Sonarworks SoundID system, a carefully measured profile is available free of charge.


The recording studio has been designed to be ‘plug and play’, our Cranborne 500R8 centrepiece is fully class compliant with PC and Mac, requiring no complex mix software or drivers. All XLR ins are easily accessible just under the desk, and everything is pre patched and ready to go. We have even included a dynamic mic on the desk, ready to go! (You can even record it with the speakers on). We have 2 reference grade headphone amplifiers and headphone sets for monitoring while tracking. 

Please be aware that if dry hiring you will require your own Mac/PC and DAW. 
As standard we run the system at 48kHz 24bit, this can be altered by request

Check out our quick start guide videos to see the recording studio in action!